Neuilly-sur-Seine, mon arrivée


June 28, 2012 by jenniebean10

So this isn’t really a post based around food, and it certainly isn’t about my baking….but I’m in France for almost a whole month! I figured I would update my blog so that I don’t have to have to call or Skype everyone once I get back into town to tell them about everything I did on my trip.

The week leading up to my trip was quite a mess. Let me explain…The main purpose of my trip to Paris is to present our research from Gettysburg at the annual Scientific Advisory Board meeting here at Chanel’s headquarters in Neuilly. That meeting is on Friday, so these past couple of weeks I have been analyzing some of the data to put into the presentation. There were some hiccups with analyzing the data, and then a bunch of stuff went wrong outside of work: 1) My car was running rough, and had to have a pricey repair to fix an ignition coil and replace a spark plug; 2) I got in a car accident on Saturday morning, the day before I left – I’m fine and no one was hurt, but I was pretty shaken up and Avery now needs more (likely-to-be-pricey) repairs; 3) My downstairs neighbor was upset with me because my A/C drips water on hers – this is only a problem because her A/C unit is installed improperly and tilts in towards her apartment, so water runs inside her window. (What does she do when it rains??). Anyways, that same evening, she confronted me and had a full-on temper tantrum which involved shouting obscenities at me, threatening me, and letting her dog jump all over me. It was so out of control that I had to call the police. She was terrifying and completely irrational, so there was no reasoning with her.

Sunday, I packed and headed to Dulles for my flight to Paris. I flew out on Air France, and had a “premium” economy seat – it was really nice! I had a ton of leg room, my seat had a recliner-style leg rest, and they served the meat-eaters smoked duck and some other tasty-looking things. The vegetarian meal was rice with tomato sauce and vegetables, boooo. Oh well, NBD. Free wine and champagne at dinner. The duck probably sucked anyways, right? They gave us little pouches with an eye mask, toothbrush and toothpaste, socks, and some other things. The one time I got up to use the bathroom, the flight attendants were blocking both aisles, so I was allowed the privilege of using the business class bathroom. They had all kinds of lotions and wipes and hair brushes up in there! Luckily, I did get some sleep on the plane, but only when the guy next to me wasn’t using me as his personal pillow. Overall, it was a pleasant flight.

Landed at CDG, made my way across the city to over to Neuilly, and checked into my niiiice hotel room at the Hotel Paris Neuilly. It’s a pretty awesome location. I have a great view of Place du Pont de Neuilly – the cute little plaza near the Metro, which is practically 20 steps away from my hotel. Pont de Neuilly is on line 1, which is extremely convenient for getting into Paris. After I got checked in and unpacked, I went to the Orange store (mobile carrier I use here), where the adorable sales associate tried to explain to me (in his adorable French accent) which plan I should select. Honestly, if he weren’t so gosh-darned cute, I would’ve been more irritated that he couldn’t answer half of my questions. As a side note, Orange sucks – don’t ever get a SIM card through them if you have to make that choice. It’s fantastic having a phone, texting, unlimited 3G, etc., but Orange…c’est terrible!

I managed to snag a ticket to the summit of the Eiffel Tower online, so onward I went to catch my reservation. This time of year, you are guaranteed to wait upwards of 2 hrs in line if you don’t reserve tickets in advance, and every other day til mid August was sold out online.


After the Eiffel Tower, I grabbed a baguette, cheese, and wine (a Bourgogne, pinot noir, as Célia suggested) from the Monoprix for dinner. Rested and enjoyed my “dinner” in my room, and then fell asleep. I promise to post some more very soon! Preparing for Chanel’s SAB meeting tomorrow, when I’ll give my presentation. Nervous…wish me luck!


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    Break a leg with your presentation…I’m sure you’ll knock their chaussettes off!

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