Gimme your input: PUMPKIN POLL!

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September 18, 2012 by jenniebean10

IT’S FALL!!!! Well, not really. In a few days. It just *feels* like fall since the temperatures suddenly dropped into the 60s here in the mid-atlantic. I absolutely looooove fall! Or AUTUMN, if you will. The cider mill opens, I can start wearing warm jackets and sweaters, Kraft comes out with their Halloween-shaped macaroni and cheese (TRICK OR CHEESY, ANYONE?), I get to pull my knit boots out of the closet, and most importantly…..IT’S TIME FOR PUMPKIN-FLAVORED THINGS.


Other weird things happen in the fall, like flash-flooding (today), snowstorms (anticipating, but hoping we don’t have a repeat of last year), and candy-corn flavored Oreos. BUT BACK TO PUMPKIN.

I wanted some input from my readers to see what YOU want to see in my inevitable pumpkin post. So here’s a POLL! I’m going to make a pumpkiny treat at the end of the week; what should it be? There are a couple guys who might be particularly interested in this, considering I’m going to bring these treats on the road up to Ithaca this weekend….


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