47 Things I Love about Travel

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September 13, 2013 by jenniebean10

In no particular order….

1. FRIENDS! Making new friends, reconnecting with old friends, meeting friends of friends, and realizing how few degrees of separation exist between all of us.
2. Navigating public transportation. I feel like a total pro now, and even when subway lines are striking or I get lost, I manage to get back on track.
3. Being engulfed by clouds while flying through the air. I get all giggly when I pass through their white fluffiness.
4. High speed trains. Forget frequent flyer miles; trains are relaxing and the views are amazing. I’m not talking about Amtrak, though.
5. Getting stamps in my passport. (4 and 5 contradict each other because you don’t get a passport stamp in the EU when you cross borders by train.)
6. Language exchange…specifically: trading slang and curse words with locals in bars. After hearing about my origin, job, and prior travels, people LOVE to teach me swear words in their language, and they always want to learn some American slang.
7. Getting homesick (what?!) and reminding myself of how much my family and friends mean to me.
8. Snapping out of my homesickness and recognizing how lucky I am to be wherever I am!
9. Experiencing new cultures, customs, ways of life, cuisines, social norms, and expanding my horizons.
10. Being outside of my comfort zone, feeling the sense of growth each day I’m away, and knowing that I’m not stagnating.

OK, I’m not actually going to list 47 things that I love about traveling, but this is my 47th blog post! For those of you who know me, or know anything about Pomona, you understand this post’s numeric significance. If you are unaware of the peculiarity of 47, read upcecil

Since it’s the 47th post, I’m going to skip ahead a few days to my last day in Hong Kong and talk about Sagehen love. Each fall and spring, the alumni association organizes a 5C Worldwide Happy Hour. Claremont College alums gather in cities all over, and I think it’s a pretty cool concept. I’ve never been able to make it to the events in DC or Baltimore because I’d have to drive 60+ miles and fight rush hour traffic to get to a bar on a weeknight. This time, however, I just so happened to be in Hong Kong for the Worldwide HH! It turns out that I have two more friends who are living in Guangzhou, and they both came down to HK for the event. Side note: it blows my mind that my friends are doing such cool things all over the world. #SagehenPride! I met quite a few other 5C alums at the event, all of whom were really nice. We met at a French bar in Sheung Wan called La Cantoche, where HH drinks were only 50HKD (~5€ or $6.50 – way cheap for Hong Kong). Cute little place, small, and about 15 people showed up. Not a bad turnout! Some of us tried heading to an Irish pub (where they served oxtail stew!!) afterwards for some pub quiz, but we missed it all =[

My fellow Sagehens! Can you spot me?

My fellow Sagehens! ❤ Can you spot me?

Sadly, no pictures from the event because my phone was all but dead by the time I reached the bar. (I had been on Lamma Island all day, the bus I wanted to take wasn’t showing up, I had a hard time getting out of the pier area, and an even harder time crossing streets. More on this later!) NOSTALGIA! 47, I love Pomona, now I’m missing all of my friends from Claremont!!!!! By the way, are any of you currently living in Spain? Specifically Valencia…? Let’s meet up this fall!


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