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October 19, 2013 by jenniebean10

Enjoy this music while reading this post…

In case you hadn’t heard, I’m off again! It’s not a weekend trip to Russia or four days in Hong Kong this time, but 90 days in Europe. And it starts NOW. (Actually, it began on Thursday, October 17, but who cares?)

rainily awaiting takeoff

rainily awaiting takeoff

A friend of mine joked that I cannot stay in one country for more than three months. Okay yes, this may seem true, but I’ve been very fortunate recently. I thirst for adventure, and travel just happens to be the type of adventure that is accessible to me right now. I have amazing friends scattered all about the world, I currently have a little bit of money saved up and a whole lotta freedom, so why not jump at the opportunity?

these views are priceless

these views are priceless

I know that I need to keep everybody posted and let you know that I’m alive, safe, and still having fun, so as long as I can remain dedicated to posting, you can find updates here. Notice the nifty new “Travel” tab located conveniently along the top of my blog’s homepage. You can also subscribe by going to the side tab and clicking “follow Jennie” for email updates. And hey, I’m human! Even though I’m enjoying life, I’m still going to miss you every day. Heck, I miss you already! So I’m going to try my best at updating you all through this blog, but please keep in touch on the other end. I greatly appreciate every text, email, facebook chat, whatsapp, snapchat, page, telegram, carrier pigeon and owl post message I receive. My dear friend Thomas tried so hard to keep me from leaving, and he nearly succeeded, but these photos (dubbed his “Where the f*ck is Jennie” meme) came just a little too late. I laugh and cry and die a little every time one of these shows up in my inbox.


look at his proper moustache!!

The 6-9 hour time difference and dependence on wifi (pronounced wee-fee over here) for face-to-face or voice communication with everybody makes things a little difficult, so my food blog is transforming into a food-travel-whatever-blog. For the sake (or illusion) of cohesion, I guess I can promise to say at least one thing about food in each blog post!

Where I’m going or want to go:
I’m currently in Valencia, Spain, staying with my friend Rebe, and will be here for about one month. Following Spain, I’ll head up to Montpellier, France to stay with Célia and Jany!! I’ll spend the winter holidays traveling with them, and then fly home from Paris. In addition, I’m going to try and pop around Europe a bit and say hello to some other friends.

In order of likelihood of my appearance in these locations…
• Valencia (ES)
• Montpellier (FR)
• Paris (FR)
• Zurich/Niederlenz (CH)
• Rome (IT)
• Scotland (UK)
• Germany
• Latvia
• Russia
• Bulgaria

What I’m doing:
Aside from submitting job and grad school applications, visiting friends, and meeting fun and interesting new people? Well…I guess you’ll find out!

Finally, here’s your food-related discussion for this post:
The food on Delta blows!! (Not all airline food sucks. It’s pretty good on Air France.) Also, I’m on hiatus from my vegetarianism. This hiatus began out of necessity while traveling in Russia, continued upon my return to the States (my occasional cheating with turkey sandwiches turned into a weekly habit) and morphed into flexitarianism, and I’ve been full-on omnivore since Hong Kong and xiao long bao. Mmm…now I want dumplings…


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