Street Art in Valencia


November 14, 2013 by jenniebean10

One of my favorite murals!

One of my favorite murals!

Just a quick update to you all. I made it to France! After a major hassle from RENFE, the Spanish trains, I’m in sunny Montpellier (ha, ha) right now. Actually, it’s no joke that it was sunny for a few moments today, but since I arrived on Friday, it’s been nonstop chilly and overcast or raining. I’ve been saving many of my photos from Spain to post on Facebook because I wanted to blog about some things first! This includes street art in Valencia.IMG_6226

I was constantly stopping to take photos of walls around the city because there is an abundance of art everywhere I look. I could have spent hours traipsing around and looking for more art, but I think I have a sufficient stash of photos to share with you after just a couple walks around the city. Check out this slideshow, and see if you can recognize multiple works by the same artist 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Street Art in Valencia

  1. Kelsey Mc says:

    I took a bunch of pictures of street art in Barcelona intending on doing a post about it! Must be a Spain thing. Mine weren’t nearly as beautiful/artistic as yours though!

    • jenniebean10 says:

      Spanish art is awesome, but I think that street art in Valencia is really really unique. Most of it is beautiful and colorful and seems freshly painted, or people just don’t graffiti over it. Makes the city so vibrant!

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