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What can I say? I’m a psychology research assistant with a penchant for baking. I love to create things — particularly delicious things! I often see ingredients at the market that look too good to pass up and I decide to try something new. Many of the recipes that I experiment with/techniques that I attempt are brand spankin’ new to me, but I do the best that I can to make things turn out well. Drop me a line with suggestions for what you’d like to see me make. I’m always open to new ideas 🙂 Hope you enjoy my adventures in baking, cooking, and now travel!

I’m currently out of the States for 90 days while I travel around Europe. I hope to be writing more regularly, but this means that the frequency of recipe posts will decrease and the blogspace will be usurped by travel posts. I’m doing my best to update you with where I am and what I’m doing.


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